Bianchi Consulting

What I Love about Veterinarians


I’ve been a veterinary practice consultant since taking over a failing practice in 2004. I have since helped many practice owners achieve their goals for their practices. Let me tell you what I have noticed about my veterinary brethren:


  • They are usually excellent doctors. Their patients cannot tell them what is going on and yet they routinely get to the bottom of the problem and handle it. And they do so every day for a fraction of the cost of human medicine.


  • They are wonderful human beings. I have never met a group of people as lovely as the veterinarians I have associated with for the last 14 years. Must be something in the character of someone who would seek to become a healer of animals.


  • They are terrible businessmen. I have met DVMs who work over 50 hours per week, on-call nights and weekends and are not making enough money from their practices to make it worth their while. It’s almost as if they were not taught a thing in vet school about running a small business!


Luckily, I can usually figure out what’s going on and get the whole thing turned around and heading in the right direction in about 2 weeks. (I’ve done it a few times.)


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